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  I had an accident 6 months ago. Can I still make a claim?
Yes, the UK law states that you are entitled to make a claim for compensation up to 3 years from the date of accident; therefore, do not hesitate to make a claim and give us a call for further information.
  Can I make a claim if I am at fault?
Yes, even if you are deemed to be at fault we can still look into recovering your vehicle damage payment and if any of your passengers are injured, they can claim for personal injury compensation as well as other losses.
  I am a busy person. Who does the paperwork?
Once we have all the initial details and our partnered solicitors have accepted the case we will deal with everything on your behalf.
  How long will the claim take to settle?
On an average, our aim is to settle a claim between 4-6 months fully. However, every case is different and if liability is disputed or argued it can take longer to resolve via the process of Litigation.
  Will making a claim affect my insurance premium?
No, as we will not be utilising the facilities from your own insurers in making a claim, so your premium will not be affected. However, you do have a duty to report it to them for notification purposes only – we can assist you in doing this, as well.
  How soon will I get my replacement vehicle?
We aim to give you a replacement vehicle within 4 hours of accepting the claim. For example, if you have reported the accident to us at 2pm and we have accepted the claim by 4pm – we would aim to deliver your replacement vehicle by 8pm.
  Who pays for the services you offer?
If you are not at fault for the accident, you or your insurance company does not pay any cost that you incur, i.e. repairing your vehicle or obtaining a replacement car. This is recovered directly from the third party’s insurance company.

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